Mocking Goliath is my Death Metal project since 2011. The 2016 release Obolus is a concept album about Charon, Hades’ ferryman who carries the souls of the dead across the rivers Styx and Acheron, that divide the world of the living from the world of the dead.

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  1. Obolus Mocking Goliath 2:11
  2. Taste of Copper Mocking Goliath 2:54
  3. The Tide Mocking Goliath 2:56
  4. Carrier of Souls Mocking Goliath 2:11
  5. Journey to the Underworld Mocking Goliath 2:22
  6. Foul Garb Mocking Goliath 2:59
  7. Spit Mocking Goliath 2:20
  8. Heimat Mocking Goliath 2:00


In my free time I love to build, carve and paint guitars.

The Bone Bass

Hand-carved, sanded and painted. Based on a black Washburn RB 2002 Hammerhead bass guitar.

White Haze

Hand-painted. Based on a Harley Benton Single Cut Model.


Metal is a genre often associated with chaos, brutality, loudness, speed and aggression. At the same time Metal’s imagery uses one of the simplest, oldest and most balanced aesthetic themes there is: the symmetry.

My blog Symmetal is dedicated to this contrast. Disturbing, horrific and dark content in a harmonic and balanced form. Isn’t that beautiful?

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Hi, I’m Thomas

I’m a Unit Creative Director at Kolle Rebbe Hamburg, working with international clients like Netflix, DAZN, Google and YouTube. My search for new and unexpected ways to communicate led me to developing a melting board game, carving guitars and developing a B2B metasearch engine. My work received more than 80 national and international awards and merits, including ADC Germany, ADC Europe, Eurobest, Cannes Lions, One Show, LIA, Clio and New York Festival. I started my career at Jung von Matt Hamburg, working for clients like Mercedes-Benz, BILD, Ricola and Bosch, after studying Graphic-Design at the University of Münster.

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